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6: Harvey Weinstein

Mother-daughter duo Gail + Rose share their Baby Boomer + Millennial views on life's big & mundane questions. This episode launches a new season of Details Please featuring more casual conversations addressing troublesome news, music obsessions & Wikipedia rabbit holes.

This episode discusses Harvey Weinstein, sexual assault, and abuses of power - which can stir up emotions, experiences, and controversy. You can leave us a voice memo at 862-800-7654, or send us an email through our website,, and tell us how you feel about this case, or sexual harassment + public safety issues.

Articles referenced in this episode include reporting from the New York Times and The New Yorker.

Music and motivation by Alanis Moirsette - all from her early album Jagged Little Pill, available on Spotify. Thank you to Matthew Reid, Wendy Zukerman, Cassia Roth and huge thanks to Emily Green, Bobby Bonett + the Spoke team at SiriusXM.

This episode was produced by Rose Reid and edited by Rose and Gail Reid.

This is a Rose Reid Production.

4: From F**kBoys to Tony Bennett, Our First Live Show!

This episode is a taping of Rose + Gail's first live show, recorded in front of an audience in New York City on June 17th, 2017.

Mother & daughter tell the origin story of the podcast and everything that went with it: from heartbreak and late night phone calls to an attempt to see Tony Bennett in concert.

We featured music by Tony Bennett and Trina. Our theme music is to Tony Mottola.

Dara Hirsch scores and mixes our episodes, Juan Marcos Percy recorded the show and Rob Schulte assisted with the event. Emily Kennedy transcribes all of our audio. Special thanks to Matthew Reid and Norman & Irene Margolies.