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1: Yo! Mel Brooks is on the Phone!

Rose and Gail begin their mother-daughter musical podcast kibitzing with Mel Brooks about his early Brooklyn days, and comic journey to life and work. To hear Mel Brooks' special food memory, please visit Prince Street Podcast.

Music Featured

"If I Were A Rich Man" - 101 Strings

"If I Were A Rich Man" - Violin solo by Kelly Hall-Tompkins

"Sweet Georgia Brown- Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft in To Be or Not to Be

"Insane Drum Solo" -  Buddy Rich

"Tradition" - Karaoke Version

Movies Featured

Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles

Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner on The Hollywood Palace performing the 2000 Year Old Man skit

Mel Brooks in Space Balls

Mel Brooks in To Be or Not To Be performing "Naughty Nazis"

"Springtime for Hitler" in The Producers

The campfire scene and Mongo knocking out a horse scene from Blazing Saddles

"Putting on the Ritz" performed by Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle and other scenes from Young Frankenstein


Thank you very much to Mr. Brooks and his teams, Samantha Aviña, Wendy Zukerman, Joseph Lavelle Wilson, Stevie Lane, Julia Donahue, Bobby Bonnet, Dave Schlussman Alex Kapelman, Emily Kennedy, & Matilda Holst.

Christine Cover designed our logo.

Digital management by Samiah Adams.

And a very special thanks to Matthew Reid and to Irene and Norman Margolies.

This episode was produced by Rose Reid and edited by Rose and Gail Reid. 

Dara Hirsch scored and mixed the episode. This is a Rose Reid Production. 

Theme Music: Anema E Core by Tony Mottola 

Next week - on Details Please - I talk to MY childhood music icon, Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls! 


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