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A Mother-Daughter Podcast Duo


A Curious and Musical Mother-Daughter Podcast Duo

Gail (a baby boomer) and Rose (a reluctant Millennial)  love to ask real questions and get real answers. Season 1 is all about the magic in music, and the music that’s in us. We talk to, and about, our greatest musical influences:

We kibbitz around with Mel Brooks, talk relationships and reflection with Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray, and explore how Tony Bennett may have been the origin for the family love of melody.

Rose Reid is a podcaster and consultant in Brooklyn. She launched Sampler while at Gimlet Media, and her work has appeared on Prince Street, Burnt Toast, and the BBC. She lives to dance, hum, and lip sync.

Gail Reid lives in Atlanta with her pomeranian and husband. She’s a trained CPA and business consultant. She plays guitar and loves to sing.  

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