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6: Harvey Weinstein

Mother-daughter duo Gail + Rose share their Baby Boomer + Millennial views on life's big & mundane questions. This episode launches a new season of Details Please featuring more casual conversations addressing troublesome news, music obsessions & Wikipedia rabbit holes.

This episode discusses Harvey Weinstein, sexual assault, and abuses of power - which can stir up emotions, experiences, and controversy. You can leave us a voice memo at 862-800-7654, or send us an email through our website,, and tell us how you feel about this case, or sexual harassment + public safety issues.

Articles referenced in this episode include reporting from the New York Times and The New Yorker.

Music and motivation by Alanis Moirsette - all from her early album Jagged Little Pill, available on Spotify. Thank you to Matthew Reid, Wendy Zukerman, Cassia Roth and huge thanks to Emily Green, Bobby Bonett + the Spoke team at SiriusXM.

This episode was produced by Rose Reid and edited by Rose and Gail Reid.

This is a Rose Reid Production.