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5: A DJ Saved Gail's Life

When Gail talks to her beloved DJ from her high school years, the former WNEW and now WNYC's Jonathan Schwartz; she recalls the music that rescued her from solitude. And Jonathan talks to Rose and Gail about the music of HIS youth and discovering radio.

Music featured in this episode is from Carly Simon, Frank Sinatra, the Supremes, Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse, and Joni Mitchell. Clips featured from the 1946 World Series baseball game, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and The Jonathan Channel.

Very special thanks to Jonathan Schwartz and his WNYC team, especially Michael Shobe. And thanks to Emily Kennedy,

This episode was produced by Rose Reid and edited by Rose & Gail Reid.

Dara Hirsch scored and mixed this episode.

We hope this miniseries dedicated to early musical influences inspired you to listen to the music of your youth.